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Niles Staff

Phone: (510) 793-1141 | Fax: (510) 793-3742

First Last Name Email   Phone (Ext.) Room Grade (Dept.) Job Title
Diana Brumbaugh   61300 Office Administration Principal
Jan Sparks   61201 Office Administration Secretary
Shawna Neal   61200 Office Administration Attendance
Ms. DeLeon www 61130 P10 Transitional Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Wilks www 61130 P10 Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Lin   61105 05 Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Gould www 61105 05 Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Lola   61129 P9 1st Teacher
Ms. Vaz   61123 P3 3rd Teacher
Mrs. Bonilla   61102 2 1st Teacher
Mrs. Cuellar   61103 3 2nd Teacher
Ms. Albrecht   61104 4 2nd Teacher
Mrs. Williamson   61101 1 2nd Teacher
Mrs. Shinohara   61128 P8 1st Teacher
Mrs. Gupta   61111 11 3rd Teacher
Mrs. Johnson   61124 P11 3rd Teacher
Mrs. van den Berg   61108 08 4th Teacher
Mrs. Bowe   61105 5 Kindergarten Teacher
        61125 p-5 3rd Teacher
Mrs. Freitas   61113 13 4th/5th Teacher
Mrs. Herrera-Green   61107 7 4th Teacher
Mrs. Schinkel   61121 P1 5th Teacher
Mrs. Weber   61112 12 5th Teacher
Ms. Campana   61159 Conf Rm Counselor Counselor
Mrs. Berkley   61106 06 6th Teacher
Mrs. Narayanan   61122 P2 6th Teacher
Mrs. Eglinton   61110 10 6th Teacher
Mrs. Mikuni www 61126 P6 Library Librarian
Mrs. Ilmberger www 61127 P7 Science Lab Teacher
Ms. Khan www     Computer Lab Teacher
Mrs. Seubert www 61155 blacktop PE Teacher
Mr. Silveira   61158 blacktop PE Teacher
Ms. Schmid     P4 Speech Teacher
        61234 P4 Resource Teacher
Ms. Smith   61226 P4 Health/Safety Psychologist
            Health/Safety Custodian - day
Quentin Kessler         Health/Safety Custodian - night
Teresa Bagoje         Health/Safety Child nutrition asst.
Arun Bagya       Health/Safety Nurse Contacts by Site
Kristie Moniz     510-797-4806   Day care Adventure Time

Each school site shall designate a school site contact for assisting students regarding rights and issues of transgender and gender variant students. If school administrators or designated school site contacts have questions regarding assisting students under Board Policy 5145.5 and this regulation AR 5145.5, they shall contact the Director of Elementary or Secondary Education, as appropriate.
LGBTQ (Transgender and Gender Variant) Support Contacts